Andy Brannan

Writer of nearly true short stories and philosophical fiction, watch for me online and at independent bookstores.


My mom thinks of me as a little boy, and so does my wife.  In fact, I suppose my daughters do as well.  However, the IRS thinks of me as a computer systems engineer, a heavy equipment operator, a photographer, a musician, a small business owner, a college professor and an employee of the California Legislature (many of these appearing on the same tax return.)  My educational path has had a certain meandering quality, as well, having 210 units and only a bachelor’s degree (that’s about 100 over par, I think.)  My diverse identities are a logical consequence of my diverse interests, which have served me well.

A graduate of the Philosophy department at California State University Sacramento, I primarily write introspective non-fiction, and occasionally fiction as well.  My creative endeavors include music, poetry and photography, but my real love is writing prose.  Like most of us, I write the sort of things that I like to read.  In my case, that is usually in the short story format, or informal essays and anecdotes.  While I write for my peers, it happened that my first real publication was a children’s book.  Coincidence?  My mom would say no, and my daughter claims that it shows my immaturity. My wife has not voiced an opinion on this particular point.